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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Believe Me I am Fetishist… I Don’t Love You

Believe Me I am Fetishist… I Don’t Love You
Still I remember that chilled morning of 2 years ago when I was leaving the city for the marriage of my friend’s sister. They had arranged that marriage in the other city. So well all friends took the same book which they hired. I set in two chairs sided column. Just next to me In the 3 seated column a bad looking married woman of about 25 was having their seat. Our destination was 4 hour far on the rounded zigzag road of hills, which were filled with the natural beauty and covered with a white beauty of snow.
I didn’t see her much because I was not interested at all. After having our destination when she descended I saw her eyes. It was beautiful, no no no… I think I don’t have not a perfect word to describe her eyes. I looked her eyes and lost in it. After that whenever I looked at her I saw only thing in her was her eyes.she caught me many times while doing this. But every time I made her feel comfortable in this whole eye contact and kept her crude thinking away. As time passed I noticed she was looking at me, my eyes constrained her. But I didn’t know why she was gazing me in every five minutes. Then this five minute gap collapsed into couple of seconds. I thought she was going to complaint to their goon like father. Trust me I am not a fetishist or a pervert. Her eyes didn’t let me see after her face. So I decided I won’t look her anymore, but I couldn’t stop myself and I looked her again then again and then again. Night was at their peak. It had been more than 1’O clock. We were in a sitting in a big hall and we all friend were making fun of the consort of friend’s sister. We all friend were sitting on the sofa while she was sitting on the floor some 25 feet straight away from me. Night compelled all to cover themselves with the quilt. she was gazing me.
“Why are you gazing me like this? did I do something wrong?”I asked to myself. I know I had to ask it from her. I saw when she slept she was looking worse. But I saw her again and again, its not that there was only a chick of that age. There were many other spinster of teen and twenties. But with a hope to see her eyes I placed my eyes on her face. After two hours when she opened their eyes, it was me whom she saw first. I passed her a smile but she turned their face. After this whenever she caught me I passed a smile, our eye contact time had been increased to five to ten seconds, once it was staying just for a glance. My all friends were sleeping and I was sitting with opened eyes. its not that I don’t sleep at night, but I didn’t want to waste even a single second without her eyes. does it mean “main line maar rha tha?” after that I said many thing with my eyes even I asked her name too. She didn’t reply, but again and again and again she looked at me. I don’t know what that was, but I was enjoying. The way I was looking her and the way she was turning her face after making eye contact for aeon. Finally the marriage finished and we had to come back. Don’t know whether it was coincidence or my luck, we got the same seat which we had last time. After few minutes I approached her. I typed a message and showed her. Its because I didn’t have her no at that time. She saw and turned her face. I didn’t speak because because she was surrounded by her relatives. As bus started the journey of those zigzag path, she got a feeling of nausea so shifted to the window seat. I wanted to talk her so I changed my seat by pretending the same and sat just behind her on the window seat. All person sitting in bus were drowsy because of the hectic schedule of last night so within an our she slept. I put my hand on the head of her seat. She was sleeping. Once unknowingly her fingers touched my hand and I touched her palm with my lustful fingers. She woke up but didn’t oppose and left her hand there. I rubbed her palm then hand. She turned.
What are you doing?
No its okay.
Whats your name?
… and urs?
... (I must not write these two name)
R u married?
Why are you asking?
I like you.
Okay, if I were not what would you do?
I don’t know, but I like your eyes.
I am 19 single, not married.
Okay that nice
Give me your no. she asked and I gave her. She did the same and I got her no. after then she slept again and again I started to rub her hand. I was having thinking that she was coquette. I moved my hand to her shoulder and rubbed there. She didn’t speak so it encouraged me and I put my hand on her bust. Though I adjusted because I was sitting behind her. She didn’t mind so I dabbed that bust. She opened her eyes and bristled.
What are you doing?
Sorry. I said and removed my hand but after few minutes I did the same in a dexterous way.
Itni b kya jaldi hai? She turned and asked.
Because I know this is the right time.
Any problem?
No. she said and showed her agreement on what I was doing. I entered my hand in her suit in a brozen way and she started to rub my hand. I made her on and debauched her.
Dear please cover it with your shaul. I said and she followed me. then for the next two hours I pressed her bust from inside the brassiere. I noticed her bust were buxom. She had small but nice tits. After completing the journey we both went to there home. And in the evening I received her call. I created balderdash and asked her figure with an entreaty. It was 34-28-36. Within few minutes she exuded her love but I denied by saying we are from different cast. I hesitated to say “I don’t love you”. whenever she asked “do u love me” I changed the topic and made a wall of cast. Still she asks the same and still I talk about cast. Because I am afraid of saying “dear believe me, I don’t love you”. her love in on crutches. I played with her emotions and still to hide the lie I am playing. I am a fetishist I am a pervert and I am a consummate. But neither I am misogynist nor misogamist. God bless her and my mind too.

-          - (c)  Kamal Paneru

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